KEFU - Rådet för kommunalekonomisk forskning och utbildning

Ekonomihögskolan vid Lunds universitet

About KEFU-Skåne

The Council for Local Government Research and Education (KEFU) was founded in August of 1984. Founders, sponsors and members are Lund University, Region Skåne (i.e. the County Council) and the local governments of Skåne.

The objective of the organisation is to function as an arena for co-operation between the members. Moreover, within the field of Business Administration, Economics and Politics, KEFU initiates and supports education that is applicable and related to the work of the local governments and Region Skåne.

Research and Development

In co-operation with the Institute of Economic Research and the School of Management and Economics at Lund University, KEFU is initiating and supporting research and development programs within the field of local government management, economics and politics.

In addition to traditional research, KEFU is seeking to implement projects in co-operation with the districts and the Skåne Region. In these projects, researchers connected to KEFU function as a forum for the study, analysis and discussion of issues relevant to practitioners.